M3 x 50mm ZP Cavity Toggle Bolt (Pack of 4)

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H1: Secure Your Heavy-Duty Fixings with M3 x 50mm ZP Cavity Toggle Bolts at Daly’s Hardware in Limerick City Centre

Unmatched Durability and Versatility

Discover the strength and reliability of our M3 x 50mm ZP Cavity Toggle Bolts, offered in a convenient pack of 4. Specifically engineered for demanding applications like radiators, wall units, and overhead installations, these bolts promise excellent holding power in a variety of wall types.

  • Heavy Gauge Material: Ensures these bolts can handle superior loads, adding to your peace of mind.
  • Wide Span Wings: Distribute the load across a wider area, making these bolts ideal for heavy-duty fixings.
  • No Special Tools Required: Designed for quick and easy installation without the need for specialist fixing tools.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Zinc Plated (ZP)
  • Size: M3 x 50mm
  • Packaging: Sold in packs of 4
  • Wall Compatibility: Suitable for most hollow walls, fibreboard, plasterboard, and partitions.

Why Daly's Hardware Is Your Go-To Source for Cavity Toggle Bolts

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