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Hotspot Fireplace Cleaner For Brick & Stone - 500ml

Hotspot Fireplace Cleaner is the ultimate solution for removing stubborn smoke, soot, and tar stains caused by wood, coal, and gas fires from various hard surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, and marble. This effective cleaner does not typically remove discoloration from weathering or natural impurities, and it should not be used on decorated or painted slate or stone surfaces.

With Hotspot Fireplace Cleaner, there's no need for harsh damaging acids. A brisk brushing action creates a cleansing foam that penetrates smoke stains deep into the pores, providing thorough cleaning without causing damage.

At Daly's Hardware, located in Limerick City Centre, Ireland, you can conveniently order the Hotspot Fireplace Cleaner online or visit our store for purchase.